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Scott K. York Appointed Interim Executive Director of Committee for Dulles

March 3, 2020  Jack Vega, President of the Committee for Dulles, announced today that Scott K. York has been appointed as Interim Executive Director.
York served for 16 years as chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and has been a pivotal figure in regional economic development and transportation initiatives for two decades, as well as a board member of the Committee for Dulles since last year.

“Scott brings an unparalleled resume of not only governmental experience but also operational and management proficiency” said Vega. “He is a proven leader with strong ties to Washington Dulles International Airport, the local community and the greater metropolitan region.”

Under York’s leadership, Loudoun County transformed into one of the nation’s premier locations to live and work, establishing itself as a technology magnet and a thriving hub for regional and international investment. York also led the successful effort to bring Metro’s Silver Line to Loudoun, including stations that are scheduled to open next year at the airport and in eastern Loudoun.

“I am pleased to be taking on the role of Interim Executive Director of a great organization, and look forward to this new opportunity to enhance the work of the Committee for Dulles and the value provided to its members,” said York.

Founded in 1966, the Committee for Dulles has played a pivotal role in making Washington Dulles International Airport the premier air travel provider for the region and an economic engine for surrounding communities. The Committee continues to support the economic vitality of Dulles and to inform the business community and government officials about the strategic role that the airport plays in the region’s transportation infrastructure and economy.