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Supporting Our Region's Airports and Airline Community

March 12, 2020. During this time of uncertainty due to COVID-19 and the impact it is having on public health, the international economy, and the air travel industry specifically, the Committee for Dulles (CFD) expresses its support for our airline community and related businesses. As we see air travel suspended or greatly reduced over COVID-19 concerns, we are once again reminded of the important contribution Washington Dulles International Airport and Reagan National Airport make to our region’s economy.

Photo by MWAA: A Salute to the World's Healthcare Professionals

More than 46.6 million passengers pass through these airports annually, and more than 300 businesses operate on their campuses to support airline and related operations. That equates to $23.6 billion of annual economic output, based on a 2017 IHS Markit survey, the equivalent of ranking number 123 on the Fortune 500 if it were a publicly traded company.

CFD supports coordinated efforts by the federal, state and regional governments and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to ensure that the traveling public, as well as those who visit these airports, flight crews and others who work and volunteer there, are protected from health and safety threats to the greatest extent possible. At the same time, we urge great care be exercised to protect the jobs and economic assets of the airports and associated businesses to the best extent possible. A coordinated public health plan should include due consideration of economic harm and how to mitigate this as well.

CFD expresses our condolences to those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 and to those who have been harmed and may still be impacted by this global crisis.