CFDCO Awards 37 Students Scholarships for 2023

Jun 30, 2022  -  News & Updates

Dulles Airport Student Scholarships 

Awarded to High School Graduating Seniors


The Committee for Dulles Community Outreach (CFDCO), the charitable arm of the Committee for Dulles (CFD), is pleased to announce it has awarded 37 Dulles Airport Scholarship Program scholarships totaling $48,000 to graduating high school seniors who are employed or volunteer at Washington Dulles International Airport (Dulles) or are dependents of employees or volunteers at the airport. These students attended various high schools all over the region.  


“CFDCO volunteers work tirelessly all year long to raise the money to fund these scholarships and it is always a pleasure to see it put back out into the Dulles Airport Community to help these students further their education,” stated Mark Treadaway, President of the CFDCO Board of Directors.  “Every dollar raised is returned to the community, as the effort is run completely by volunteers, and we are very proud of that,” he continued.

The CFDCO was formed in 2012 by the CFD Board of Directors following the passing of Dave Edwards, a former CFD president who was deeply dedicated to supporting the Dulles Airport community.  A scholarship in his name is offered to students who demonstrate a strong commitment to community service.  The scholarship program has since grown to be immensely popular and is making a difference in the Dulles Community.  A grand total of 222 scholarships totaling $375,000 have been awarded since its inception.


In 2023, 43 students submitted applications.  “The need is great in our Dulles community.  In spite of the large number of applications, our successful fundraising year let us provide some level of funding to 100% of completed applications,” Mark noted.  For more information, please visit

About the Committee for Dulles Community Outreach:
The CFDCO, the charitable arm of the Committee for Dulles, was formed collaboratively with the Washington Airports Task Force in 2012 to honor the legacy of Dave Edwards, a CFD past president who was deeply committed to supporting the Dulles Airport Community. Support the Dulles Airport Community by giving back 100% of funds raised by the Committee for Dulles Community Outreach (CFDCO) in the form of scholarships to graduating high school seniors who work/volunteer or have a parent/guardian who work/volunteer within Dulles Airport's perimeter. CFDCO also provides grants to local organizations that support the airport and its passengers.